Bridge the Wall

Bridge the Wall 1.1.2

Build bridges to help the cars cross the gaps


  • Simple controls


  • Drab graphics
  • Dull, repetitive gameplay

Not bad

Bridge the Wall is a free game for Android in which you need to construct bridges to prevent a moving car from falling down the gaps.

The concept of Bridge the Wall is very simple. The car moves automatucally across the screen from left to right and you must build bridges over the gaps that lay in its path to guide it over them. You do this by touching one side of the gap, then touching the other side to complete the bridge.

It sounds easy, but as you progress through Bridge the Wall, the car speeds up and the size of the gaps gets longer. As a result, you have less and less time to build longer and longer structures, which gets very difficult. The challenge isn't helped by some poor touch sensitivity, which means that you often find yourself having to tap a gap more than once to lay the bridge down.

Graphically, Bridge the Wall is very ordinary, and while the physics are OK, the backgrounds and main car are uninspiring.

The gameplay in Bridge the Wall is dull and repetive with no action or excitement to drive it along. You won't be playing this for long after you've installed it.

Bridge the Wall


Bridge the Wall 1.1.2

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